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What Clients Have to Say

testimonial phoebe.jpeg

Phoebe, in Florida

"I started working with Bree because I wanted to feel like an athlete again. After 10+ years away from competitive sport, I was missing the confidence I used to have in what my body was capable of. I wanted the freedom to be able to do whatever I needed to do and know I could and wouldn’t get hurt. I wanted to feel strong and capable. And after 6 months with Bree I CERTAINLY feel strong and capable! "

Alecia, in Florida

"Bree has literally been the best and so considerate in including my interests and hobbies as much as possible in my workouts. She uses a very wholistic life approach to moving our bodies, which makes you feel successful even if you just “moved” today and didn’t get the whole workout completed. She is a no guilt kind of trainer, as well as very encouraging to see her clients reach new heights in their physical abilities and goals. "

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