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About Bree

Welcome! I'm Bree. I'm so glad that you're taking the next step forward in investing in your long-term health - that's a big deal and I am forever grateful for every woman who allows me to come alongside her!


A little about me: I was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. While I grew up running around barefoot, I definitely wasn't an athlete. Being involved in sports was something that I aspired to do but ultimately felt too insecure to be a part of a team. The first time I ever stepped inside a gym was in college - and then I stayed on an elliptical for years! 

In my heart I am a researcher; I graduated with degrees in Linguistics and International Studies and began a career with Wycliffe Bible Translators as a field linguist. I lived and worked in Asia for four years from 2017-2021. In the midst of those years, I began strength training. It transformed my life so completely that I became a certified personal trainer! I began coaching a few women I was working alongside on the mission field.

I returned to my home state of Arkansas in early 2021. I made the difficult decision to step away from my role overseas and instead devote myself full-time to coming alongside women who are learning how to best move their bodies. 

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Bree's Fitness Approach

Above all, I believe that physical movement is a way to be well equipped for the tasks that God has given you. I want my training to lead you to not only appreciate what your body can do but ultimately to glorify God.

I do this in a variety of ways, like:

  • creating training plans that are totally individualized to your body and goals - no matter the equipment, time constraints, or location!

  • gradually building up your workouts. I want you to be able to develop a sustainable routine for moving your body; I'll never tell you to go from 0 to 100 because that's a quick way to end up burnt out and exhausted. I'll work with you so that you can develop healthy habits, become more confident in exercising, and keep you  years in the future.  

  • coming alongside you as a fellow pilgrim on the road to better health. I'm not just your coach, I also know what it's like to want so badly to have a healthy routine and a body that reflected all that I knew I was capable of, I just didn't know how to get there! It's vulnerable work to learn something new, and it's important to have a trainer who understands where you are coming from.

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