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Bree Smith

Certified Personal Trainer


Bree Smith Fit LLC believes that physical fitness is an opportunity to live a more vibrant life. We are committed to helping women become stronger, and feel more energized in order to bring greater impact to all aspects of life.


Who I work with

I work with women who feel pulled in multiple directions. Perhaps you're serving overseas like I was, or maybe you're in a busy season of motherhood, or investing time into a career. Either way, you know intimately what it's like to have full and busy days.


Yet you also sense that you need to give some of that time back to yourself - because when your body feels strong and energetic, that flows into all aspects of life. That sounds great, you say. But I'd rather not go this alone.  

I work with women who are ready to establish a fitness routine and healthy habits in order to build a sustainable lifestyle change. The women I am blessed to coach are from all around the world and come to me with different schedules, equipment, and goals.


While your physique will definitely change, I'm even more interested in seeing your view of yourself and your strength transform!

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testimonial phoebe.jpeg

"I started working with Bree because I wanted to feel like an athlete again. After 10+ years away from competitive sport, I was missing the confidence I used to have in what my body was capable of. I wanted the freedom to be able to do whatever I needed to do and know I could and wouldn’t get hurt. I wanted to feel strong and capable. And after 6 months with Bree I CERTAINLY feel strong and capable! "

- Phoebe

testimonial alecia.jpeg

"Bree has literally been the best and so considerate in including my interests and hobbies as much as possible in my workouts. She uses a very wholistic life approach to moving our bodies, which makes you feel successful even if you just “moved” today and didn’t get the whole workout completed. She is a no guilt kind of trainer, as well as very encouraging to see her clients reach new heights in their physical abilities and goals. "

- Alecia

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